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Clarice Cliff

Clarice Cliff Fantasque Butterfly 14" Mei Ping Vase / Large / Art Deco Antique

  • Clarice Cliff Fantasque Butterfly 14" Mei Ping Vase / Large / Art Deco Antique
  • Clarice Cliff Fantasque Butterfly 14" Mei Ping Vase / Large / Art Deco Antique
  • Clarice Cliff Fantasque Butterfly 14" Mei Ping Vase / Large / Art Deco Antique
  • Clarice Cliff Fantasque Butterfly 14" Mei Ping Vase / Large / Art Deco Antique
  • Clarice Cliff Fantasque Butterfly 14" Mei Ping Vase / Large / Art Deco Antique

Clarice Cliff Fantasque Butterfly 14" Mei Ping Vase / Large / Art Deco Antique

Clarice Cliff Fantasque Butterfly Mei Ping Vase / Large / Art Deco Antique
Maker - Clarice Cliff
Circa - 1930
Pattern - Butterfly - Fantasque
There Is no doubt that this pattern was one of the most influential designs by Clarice and what lead to her total success. One evening, early on in her career, it is said, Clarice Cliff stayed behind after the other girls had gone home and a painted a butterfly on a piece of pottery left behind. This then caught the eye of Jack Walker who was the decorating manager at the time, who showed it to Colley Shorter setting in train all that was to follow. It is likely that the Butterfly pattern as we now see it, is a tribute to this early design she created which was painted so casually which proved to be so crucial to her career and the legacy of the whole factory.
This fine example free from any damage such as cracks or chips.
There does appear to have been a small restoration. On the top rim there is a patch which looks to be slightly darker in colour. If it has been resorted, it has clearly been done extremely well and is basically unrecognisable (see last picture).
The mark 'EX' on the bottom means this was used as an exhibition piece. Colley was a master in marketing and advertising and his close relashionship with Clarice meant that she quickly began to inherit his promotional flair. For trade shows and exhibitions she devised eye catching displays and would often spend two or threes days setting up her stand with the help of her newly recruited assistant, Hilda Lovatt. Together they ensured the stall was perefect and the bizarre vases were filled with fresh flowers. Clarice would take her best pieces, normally in the largest sizes, to shows as to attract the most attention.
Height 41cm
Condition - Very good.
Item No. 2373

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